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meditations kurs bei yoga vihar
Meditation is a unique tool to reduce stress in our daily lives. You will learn in this course suitable Meditation techniques fitting to your personality and temperament as well as receive spiritual guidance.
vedische astrologie ausbildung
Jyothish is the 5th part of Vedanga; Indian Astrology is a part of Vedic limb. It is the observation of Astronomical and Astrological positions and how this influences planet earth and livelihood.
Ayurveda Massage Training Course is focused on the intensive study of traditional Ayurveda Massage techniques both in practice and in theory, enabling the participants to practice the learned methods directly after the course.
Enjoy a 4-Day Intentive Retreat in a peaceful surrounding of Mecklenburg-Lake landscape. YOGA VIHAR retreat is good for relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration of your body, mind and soul.
Training with the master preview
Morning is the best time to practice Yoga. Our morning training course will bring you energy, vitality, flexibility and will strengthen your will power. This is course is open to all.
A Sanskrit – Mantra is mystical energy that is enclosed by a sound structure. To activate this energy the mantra is repeated in a certain rhythm. Through repetition of mantras an enormous positive energy is generated, which has the power to heal the body and calm the mind.
yoga intensiv sadhana kurs
This course can transform your body and mind. YOGA VIHAR conducts an intensive sadhana online course in the morning hours for 21 days. You can take part from your home where ever you are.
Silvester Yoga Retreat
Five days of intensive yoga retreat with Yoga Acharya Sivan Namboothiri at YOGA VIHAR during the new year holidays. It is an unique opportunity for you to revitalize your body, mind and soul with positive energy.
pranayama kurs
Prana means life energy and it is the source of all existence. This Pranayama course is an unique opportunity to preserve the health and mental well-being as well as to awaken the inner energy (Kundalini).
Learn the important Yogic scriptures from the Master. One can join this course regardless of your background, knowledge, race, religion and orientation. This course is excellent for Yoga teachers, Yoga students, enthusiasts and seekers!
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