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Massages & Treatments

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science from India.
At Yoga Vihar you have the opportunity to receive a professional Ayurveda massage or treatment.

Facemassage   |   Headmassage   |   Bodymassage   |   Massage with medicated rice
Medicated oil bath   |   Herbal powder massage   |   Head bath with oil

ayurveda gesichtsmassage


Relaxes the facial muscles and tissues. Activates and stimulates the senses and blood circulation in the face. Treats and prevents skin problems and sinusitis. Reduces wrinkles and blemishes on the face.

Method of Treatment: Specially made herbal oil applied on the face, forehead and neck.

30 mins  –  60,00 €


ayurveda kopfmassage


Relaxes the nervous system, increases blood circulation in the head, and prevents headaches, migraines, sinusitis, depression, sleep disorders and loss of hair.

Method of Treatment: Various medicated oils applied on the head; massaging the head and stimulating the Marmas by various methods.

30 mins  –  60,00 €


Bodymassage – Abhyanga

The Abhyanga – whole body massage is helpful for cleansing the impurities in the body, relieving rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems, sexual problems, muscle diseases, overweight and joint pain.

Method of Treatment: Body massage done by 1 or 2 therapists – in a synchronized manner.

80 mins –  99,00 €


ayurveda massage mit medizinischem reis

Massage with medicated rice – Navarakizhi

Improves blood supply by cleansing the circulatory system. Removes metabolic waste. Promotes digestion and restores vigor.

Method of Treatment: A special type of rice called ‘Navara,’ mixed with ‘Sida cordifolia’ decoction and cow´s milk, is used for this massage.

60 mins  –  120,00 €


Medicated oil bath - Pizichil

Rejuvenates the body and promotes optimum health, helps in the healing of fractured bones. Increases immunity, digestive power, sexual performance and improves the skin and development of muscles.

Method of Treatment: Pouring lukewarm medicated oil over the body in a rhythmic manner for a specific length of time.

60 mins  –  120,00 €


Ayurveda Massage mit Kraeuter-Pulver

Herbal powder massage - Udhwarthanam

Reduces excess fat, promotes healthy skin and a vibrant complexion, cures diseases caused by the accumulation of metabolic waste due to improper functioning of sweat glands. Eliminates body odor and gives stability and lightness to the body.

Method of Treatment: Medicated powder is combined with water to form a paste which is applied on the body. When the water evaporates and the paste becomes dry, it is rubbed all over the body.
60 mins  –  120,00 €


Head bath with oil - Sirodhara

Relaxes the mind and cures insomnia, stress, depression, agitation and diseases of the head, eye, ear and mouth.

Method of Treatment: Sirodhara is the pouring of medicated oil on the head /forehead from a particular distance in a regular stream for a definite period.

40 mins  –  99,00 €