Sivan Namboothiri

Founder and the Teacher of YOGA VIHAR
Yoga Retna, Yoga Siromani, Yoga Bhaskara, Yoga Acharya

Sri Sivan Namboothiri was born into a Brahmin family in Kerala, South India. His spiritual lineage goes back to the great Indian Vedanta Philosopher, Sri Sankara Acharya (788-820 AD).

Following the family tradition, he started his spiritual education at the age of seven under the guidance of some of the great masters of the time, including Sri Sankaran Namboothiri.

Spiritual education means disciplining the body and mind in order to experience the Innner Self, or God.
He devoted twelve years to his education in the Yoga traditions, tantra, rituals, mantras and philosophy.

After completing his studies, he served for many years as the head priest and Acharya (teacher) at the AdiRameswara Temple and in Sivananda Ashram, as well as in various temples in Kerala, India.
He obtained various titles in yoga and philosophy including Yoga Ratna, Yoga Siromani, Yoga Bhaskara and Yoga Acharya.

He has been teaching yoga and philosophy for the past 30 years. During this time he has trained thousands of people worldwide in yoga, meditation and philosophy. He has lived in Germany since 1996 and opened the Yoga Vihar  in 1998  in Berlin.