The Great Pilgrimage

14-days spiritual journey through the Himalayas

Himalaya Pilger Reise mit Yoga Vihar
You are welcome to our 14-day pilgrimage through the Himalayas.
This Yatra is a tool to experience and explore your self!
Under the guidance of Yoga Acharya Sivan Namboothiri, we are undertaking a 14-day pilgrimage through the Himalayas. The Himalayas is the most sacred place of India. With its stunning beauty it has always been a source of inspiration for people with spiritual enthusiasm, and for people who want to experience their close connection with nature. It is home to the unconditionally devoted ascetic, sadhus and yogis, the holy temple, the ashrams and holy rivers of India.

The entire trip is designed as a pilgrimage, where the participants are instructed daily on spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation etc. Pilgrims can enjoy the magnificent beauty and solitude of nature and experience the immense power of meditation with the great sages.

Due to logistical reasons the maximum number of participants is limited. We kindly request you to register as early as possible.

To register and for further information, please feel free to contact us.

Total duration of the trip: 14 days (including outbound and return flight to Germany).

Accommodation: Comfortable rooms with shower/WC/deluxe hotels.

Costs: all transport in India, accommodation and meals, daily yoga and meditation classes, guide and entry tickets.

himalaya retreat
himalaya retreat
himalaya retreat
Himalaya Pilger Reise Berg Wiese

Himalaya Yatra

14 days

Comfortable rooms with shower/ WC / Deluxe Hotels.

all transportation in India, room and board, daily yoga and meditation classes, guides and tickets.


1.999,00 €

10.05.24 – 24.05.24