Pranayama Course

pranayama kurs bei yoga vihar

Prana means life energy, it is the source of all existence. Prana manifests itself in all forms of our existence, that is, our strength, vitality, beauty, intelligence and energy. The great yogis of ancient India discovered various breathing techniques (pranayama), to prolong life, to preserve the health and mental well-being as well as to awaken the inner energy (Kundalini).


The course focuses mainly on the following effects of pranayama:

1. Pranayama for the preservation of physical health (flexibility, endurance, strength).
2. Techniques to strengthening mental power (co-ordination, concentration, cognition).
3. Methods for maintaining the balance between body, mind and intellect.




190,00 €

01.06.24- 27.07.24

Saturdays: 15.00-16.30