About Yoga Vihar

Ancient wisdom of Yoga in all its aspects

It is health which is real wealth - we believe in it!

Yoga Vihar  Berlin follows the ancient wisdom of Yoga in all its aspects.

We don’t teach Yoga as mere fitness training but as an integral system promoting good health, happiness, understanding and a balanced mind through our long and successfully tested concept.
In our regular Yoga courses participants can experience the main paths of Yoga:
Jnana, Bhakti, Nada, Kundalini, Hatha and Raja Yoga.

Yoga sessions are based on the following concepts:

– Increasing stamina, strength and flexibility through physical exercises / Asanas
– Cleansing the body and removing toxic substances through Kriyas / cleansing techniques
– Purifying and activating the energy channels and energy centers through Pranayama / special breathing exercises
– Invoking positive energy through Bandhas /energy locks and Mudras /special postures
– Practice of Concentration and Meditation in order to experience inner peace
– Developing love and harmony / Bhakti – chanting Mantras and singing
– Reasoning and analyzing in accordance with the philosophy of Yoga / Jnana Yoga

Sri Sivan Namboothiri

Archaryas Profil

Yoga Retna, Yoga Siromani,
Yoga Bhaskara, Yoga Acharya

The founder and the source of  YOGA VIHAR is  Yoga Acharya Sivan Namboothiri. Teaching Yoga is his passion. He has been sharing passionately the Yogic wisdom for more than 28 years to all students across the  Globe.