Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Course

Yogalehrer-Ausbildung Asana Brücke Korrektur

5 Modules | 200 hours

Our upcoming Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (ATTC) is designed to support Yoga Teachers on improving the teaching skills as well as improving their knowledge of different Yoga aspects.

Advanced Yoga practitioners, who wish to expand their knowledge and experience the Yoga in all aspects, are also welcome to some modules of the ATTC

ATTC is structured in 5 different modules in order to meet the needs of the participants in a flexible way. The participants can freely decide the module or modules, on which they would like to take part.

The Module 1 and Module 2 are exclusively for Yoga Teachers, who successfully passed yoga Teacher  Training  Course in any school or any style of Yoga.

Modules 3, 4 and 5 are open to Yoga Teachers as well as to advanced Yoga students.

The teaching method of the ATTC is a fusion of the classical system of Yoga in all aspects along with contemporary practices in a relaxed atmosphere. This method provides the participants with the authenticity of the ancient wisdom of Yoga combined with the needs of our modern times.


All Yogateachers will get a certificate!

Yoga Bhaskara

Advanced Teacher Training Course
All Modules

Yoga Visharad

Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher
Modul 1 and Modul 2

Yoga Vidhwan

Advanced in Yogic Knowledge
Modul 3, 4 und 5


The complete Advanced Teacher Training Course includes all 5 modules with a total of 200 hours:

Modul 12023601200,-
Modul 2202340640,-
Modul 305.03.22-14.05.2240640,-
Modul 403.09.22- 12.11.2230480,-
Modul 5202330360,-
Sadhana Retreat03.09.21-05.09.2148398,-



Modul 1


Asanas in practice for increasing flexibility, stamina and endurance:   training the beginners, intermediatory and advanced postures ( over 100 postures)

Asana correction and expansion:  here you learn how to correct postures, what are the common mistakes,  what are the risk factors, how to make an adjustment with certain anatomy, benefits of the postures.

Modul 2

Pranayama, Kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas und Meditation

In theory and in practice in depth
  • Prana and Pranayama both in theory and in practice.
  • How to breathe properly, and how to correct in theory and practice.
  • Various breathing and Pranayama methods to improve the quality of life.
  • Learning and advancing in all kinds of Pranayama.
  • Learning and practicing all major kriyas, mudras, and bandhas.
  • How to teach and how to correct kriyas, mudras, and bandhas.
  • What are their benefits and their risks?

Modul 3


With Swadhyaya (Self-reflexion) for expanding your wisdom

The ancient method of understanding the deep meaning of a subject is Sravanam (Listening),  Mananam (Contemplation) and Nidhidhyasam (Experiencing).
This course will cover these vital aspects.

  • Yoga Upanishads ( Yoga- Tattwa and  Nada bindu)
  • Gehranda Samhita
  • Shiva Samhita
  • Raja Yoga Sutras

Modul 4


The ancient healing method
  • Ayurveda  (Basic) in theory:  Ayurveda Anatomy
  • Ashtanga Hridayam ( main text of Ayurveda),
  • prevention and healing of diseases
  • Marma-Vidya, healing through vital points in the body

Modul 5


Ancient language for invoking divine energy
  • Learn to write Sanskrit letters
  • Learning major Yoga terms in Sankrit
  • Pronunciation of Mantras
  • Chanting Kirtans and Mantras
  • Upanishad and Shanti Mantras