Yoga Sadhana Course

Sadhana Intensiv – Discipline & Clairvoyance

This course is open to all

Chanting Mantras
Sun salutation
Effective Asanas
Special cleansing (Kriyas) techniques
Important Pranayamas
Meditation for energy



This course can transform your body and mind. YOGA VIHAR conducts an intensive sadhana online course in the morning hours for 16 days. You can take part from your home where ever you are. This course will support the participants to develop discipline, clairvoyance, peace of mind and health. There are no barriers to participate this course.



sadhana kurs, brücke mit gestrecktem Fuss


198,00 €

02.09.24 – 23.09.24
Monday -Friday, 07:00 – 08:15